Still in High School, Kellen began producing CRISIS, an original web series. On weekends, with friends and family as cast and crew,  Kellen would film. The series would end up continuing for two seasons.




At 16 years old Kellen began creating Harry Potter fan films based on the hit fan fiction by G. Norman Lippert. What started as just Kellen and a group of friend with a camcorder turned into one short film (James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing— 2009) and a full length feature sequel (James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper— 2010). 




Director and Writer, Kellen Gibbs, caused a stir after his film, The Moment I Was Alone, won Judges Choice and Best Screenplay in 2015 at the Monarch International Film Festival and Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema. Kellen Gibbs’ first foray into filmmaking began with a stop-motion Lego short when he was nine years old, and from then on, life in the Gibbs household would never be the same. In his teen years, Kellen moved to Pacific Grove, California, where he enlisted friends, family and peers to appear in fan films that set fire to YouTube. With the emergence of his own unique creative voice propelling his work forward, Kellen then began writing and directing original material that gained entrance into festivals and distribution along different outlets online. It was in 2013 that Kellen left Pacific Grove to attend film school in Los Angeles where he was able to craft his skills as a filmmaker and extend his education. After two years of film school, he created an extensive portfolio including fan films ranging from ten to ninety minutes in length, multiple original short films, and a two-season web series with over four hours of content. In fact, Kellen’s success did not escape the notice of the Screen Actors Guild, which invited Kellen to participate in the Short Film Showcase of 2016. Kellen’s work has been screened and nominated in numerous festivals, garnishing over 40 nominations.