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Based the novel written by George Norman Lippert in 2015, The Freezing Season tells the story of Ashley Cox, a 25 year old recovering drug addict who is broken by life’s hazards and poor choices. Ashley looks to escape the haunting memory of her past and the constricting grip of her present by embarking on a several state winter road trip. Her escape becomes a journey of escalated stakes when driving past a dirty snow bank, Ashley glimpses a small human hand holding its palm up to the sky. She returns to investigate, only to encounter a seemingly helpful but disturbed local man and the county sheriff. It isn’t until the sheriff begins to question Ashley that the terror of her situation dawns: the body in the snow isn’t a victim by accident. Her desire to help has unwittingly placed Ashley in the clutches of a serial killer.


As with some of the most prominent and thought-provoking thrillers, The Freezing Season tests you to question the line between good and evil. Ashley's journey to escape her life before will drive her into a fight to survive her descent into the disturbing madness of the freezing season.


Writer and Director, Kellen Gibbs, caused a stir after his film, The Moment I Was Alone, won Judges Choice and Best Screenplay in 2015 at the Monarch International Film Festival and Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema. His Spielberg-esque talent brings forth key story elements but with a boldness not unlike Christopher Nolan’s. Kellen’s work, notably The Sky Won’t Fall and What Makes Us Human, delve into visual queries of the human condition, and have been screened and nominated in numerous festivals, garnishing over 26 nominations. In fact, Kellen’s success did not escape the notice of the Screen Actors Guild, which invited Kellen to participate in the Short Film Showcase of 2016. After being approached by G. Norman Lippert about adapting his novel of redemption and evil, Kellen moves eagerly forward to write and direct The Freezing Season.


Rochel Goldsmith, a highly sought-after Producer, is prominently known for her award winning film The Moment I Was Alone, made with Director, Kellen Gibbs. This film has been nominated 21 times, which includes her nomination for Best Producer. It has received 7 awards at reputable film festivals, including a "Best Short" nomination at the prestigious Carmel International Film Festival and was recognized for its fan appeal, referred by festivals directors as the "talked about film of the festival." Rochel views herself as a contractor in the film world, and takes deep pride in the stories that she helps bring to the screen. She eagerly awaits production for The Freezing Season, and is excited for what the future holds.

Independent filmmaker, Allison Walter, has co-written with Aymen Khoja and produced two shorts, Snow In Summer and Waheed, both of which screened at the Saudi Film Festival in 2015 and 2016. Allison also co-wrote and produced Sargo, a web series challenging the Western view of Arabs, that has met with critical acclaim, particularly in the Middle East. Her first feature film, Shoot, a story of a young man passionate about soccer who finds his own voice, will premiere worldwide in 2017. Now, Allison eagerly looks forward to donning jacket, scarf and boots to camp in the snow for The Freezing Season.


Originally from Phoenix, Martin Anthony Munoz graduated Arizona State University's Film and Media Studies program where he began his journey into film and cinematography. Marty was nominated for Best Cinematography at the 2016 Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema for The Moment I Was Alone in 2016. Marty and Kellen Gibbs have worked together for the past 3 years on films such as Better Now Than Later and The Sky Won’t Fall, nominated for Best Narrative Short at the International Monarch Film Festival in 2014. Marty brings vivid images to the screen, evident in his films Dark Stranger and Beautiful Cynical Creatures. With diverse looks, each of which suit their film, Martin's style is uniquely cinematic. Marty looks forward to collaborating again with Kellen to bring The Freezing Season to screen.


Award-winning Canadian film composer Isaias Garcia is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after talents in the world of scoring for media, having impressed audiences and producers with his beautifully crafted, story-driven scores. At 26 years of age, he has already amassed a plethora of awards: A 4-time SOCAN Award winner; 8-time Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee; and winner of the 2014 HMMA “Best Video Game Score” award for Dream Revenant, as well as the 2015 HMMA for “Best Score in an Independent Film” for The Moment I Was Alone. Isaias has also received premieres for his solo, choral, and symphonic works in Canada, US, Poland, Portugal, Argentina, and the UK. Mr. Garcia excitedly looks forward to the challenge of bringing the sound for The Freezing Season to the big screen. 

based on the novel by...

“Gripping from the very start and had me on the edge of my seat until the end.”

“One of those books that creep you out and give you nightmares but you can't quit [reading] it.”

G. Norman Lippert’s books have been read by millions worldwide. His ghost story, The Riverhouse, was a number one bestseller in its genre on His combined works have garnered nearly 40,000 ratings and 4,000 reviews on, with an average 4-star rating.


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